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A 2D TicTacToe Game developed with Javascript,DOM manipulations and CSS3 .

Android Game

Using the Unity game engine, developed a android version of the NES 8-bit Excite Bike video game that has cool feature like Nitro, stunts, actual bike physics.

Google Gadget

A Twitter google gadget for displaying user's twitter feed on blogger sites developed using Google gadget api and Jquery.

Resturant Detector

A android application that uses Yelp API to check for local restaurants that serve your choice of food. The app allows the user to filter restaurants based on filters such as (1) Distance (2) Price (3) Ratings The app also gives additional information via Google Maps API V2 and other information such as location, phone number, website using Yelp API.

Travel Portal

Developed a travel portal to manage a company's internal travel requirements like travel authorizations, travel claims, budget managet and report generation.

RBCAS- Rule Based Context Aware System

A JAVA based mobile application that responds to user's context autonomously based on rules designed by user. Rule Engine autonomously acts and avoids user intervention to trivial activities.
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